Prophix Speakers

September 15, 2020 | 10AM EST

The best and brightest from Prophix will be sharing their knowledge and experience with customers, finance leaders, and experts alike at the 2020 Prophix Conference. Team members from various departments and industry thought leaders will available to answer questions and discuss best practices.


Alok Ajmera

President & Chief Executive Officer

Emily Anauo

FP&A Systems Developer, Barber National Institute

Paul Barber

Executive Chairman

Sean Casey

Consultant, Professional Services

Pako Chan

Program Manager

Peter Chau

Solutions Architect

Cristian Ciloci

Director, Professional Services

Heather Hospodar Cooper

Finance Manager, Accessible Media Inc. (AMI)

Vaishu Doshi

Product Adoption Manager, Customer Success

Denise Feece

Prophix Thought Leader

Della Giguere

Business Analyst, Professional Services

Jon Gurnham

Solutions Architect

James Hanson

VP, Business Development UK

Fahim Hidayat

Manager, Professional Services

Brian Ho

Solutions Engineer

Harald Hoang

Solutions Consultant, Solutions Engineering

Jacob Joseph

Director, Product Management

Nadia Kotecha

Director, Product Management

Phil Le-Brun

Enterprise Strategist & Evangelist, AWS

Shan Kaura

Director, Professional Services

Owais Khimani

Manager, Professional Services

Kris Laxdal

Director, Advanced Applications

Felix Mann

Manager, Business Solutions Group

Ronel Marbella

Director, Product Strategy, Product Planning

Emmanuel Marquez

Product Adoption Consultant

Ron Massicotte

CPM Software & Education Leader

Geoffrey Ng

SVP, Product & Technology

Hassan Qasim

Product Marketing Specialist

Paul Vickers

Chief Financial Officer, MaxSold

Rob Shillinger

Director, Advanced Applications

Ashwin Rahalkar

Product Manager

Wayne Slater

Director of Product Marketing

Michael Stokes

Director of Budget and Financial Compliance, Presbyterian SeniorCare Network

Jennifer Speer

Learning Architect, Education and Training

Monika Szewczyk

Manager, Customer Success

Gianluca Tatangelo

Business Analyst

Michael Tindal

SVP, Corporate & Market Development

Tina Zhao

Product Adoption Consultant

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